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We work with passion in the assisted finance subsidies world, because we believe in the future of italian companies and we assist them in their growth path. We support our clients in their investiment programmes giving them the required assistence to identify, request and manage the moltitude of financial incentives provided by the current regulation.

Assisted Finance

We support our clients in their investment programmes giving them the required assistence to identify, request and manage the moltitude of financial incentives provided by the current regulation. The requiring company or agency, can focus their activities on their corebusiness relying on team of specialist for the scouting of financial incentives that suits their business.

Scouting of suitable financial incentives by a pesonalized research system based on business type and/or regional location of the applicable incentive.
Feasibility analysis aimed to indentify the most suitable investiment programmes based on buisiness type or company financial status.
Planning and inquiry of the financial investiment in a shared path aimed to study, plann and forms preparation required to obtain the incentive.
Investement administrative and financial management through our specilists in every step, including the demanding phase of reporting and maintaining the incentive over time.
Plants dismantling
Due to our multidisciplinary skills, we are able to estimate the dismantling and area renewal costs. We provide: technical expertise corroborated by a research agency, and the required instructions to deduct the provisions untill the plant end of life.
Network charges exemption from electricity bills
The current law allows to remove the "network charges" from the electricity bills required to operate the auxiliary plants components. Where the exption is applied it is possible to save up to 50% of the current bill.
Recalculation of charges applied by Consortiums
We are able to follow all the process in order to recalculate the charges applied by consortiums, which are often calculated on wrong eligible basis. Our first evaluation is charge free, it is just necessary to present the last bill.
Plants cadastral rent redefinition
We are able to identfy and correct any plant cadastral rent mistake, with the possibility to get a refound up to 5 years earlier.
Energy Trading
Thanks to the sinergy developed with the major providers, we are able to provide the best economic solutions for both supply and selling. A proper energy management allows to take full benefit from market opportunities, optimzing earnings up to 20%.
Environmental tax reduction
The companies that have invested in photovoltaic and eolic plants, are eligible to access the environmental tax reduction. By applying the law 388/2000 Tremonti Ambiente it is possible to get a refound from IRES or IREP up to 20% of the plant investement.
Real Estate
Redefinition of cadastral income
We provide assistance for the property cadastral rent calculation or redefinition with the aim to correct and optimize the munincipal taxes. Often legislators set really high cadastral rent values on proprerties, Soul S.r.l. is able to demostrate that the real value is significantly lower. This process optimises between 20% and 40% on munincipal taxes.
Energy efficiency
We can assist your comapany, free of charge, to access funds for the enegry optimisation, with finance at subsidised rates, non-repayable grants or tax bonuses. Our interventions include: - Energy production from renewable sources (photovoltaic, eolic, geothermal and biomass) with the relative technical, financial and administratove expertise. -Alternative solutions for real estate properties energy redevelopment; energy systems optimisation activities for companies and agencies; -Technical and financial assistance.
Waste taxes redefinition (TARI)
We offer assistance for the correct waste taxes redefinition. The current regulation complexity and its constant updating with no effective changes applied to the bills result in companies spending a significantly higher price. We are able to verify if you are paying more than you owed following all the process with the aim to calculate a correct bill for the future. We can also assist you to get a refund up to 5 years earlier.
Energy management
A correct property energy management allows to optimise the costs with consequent savings up to 20%. We can provide the best economic solutions for both supply and selling electrical energy.
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